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ROOM SCHEME IN A 16TH CENTURY FARMHOUSE. The brief here was not only to gain useful storage space, but also to achieve better proportions to an otherwise awkward section of the living room plus, to provide for a cosier atmosphere, create the option of shutting off the adjoining room.
Old re-claimed beams were used to build the timber framing and these were joined in the true traditional manner of ‘draw-bored and pegged’ mortice and  tenons. A good example of our attention to detail can be seen in the carefully selected posts either side of the inglenook, the curves of which match the shape of the brickwork. The passageway door, cupboard doors and bookshelves were constructed out of boards cut from large section antique beams. Note the subtle traces of ‘pit-sawing‘ and the lovely mellow colour of the doors, which match perfectly with the natural aged patina of the beams. Old pine flooring was used for the cupboard backboards and interior shelving. The wrought iron hinges, latches and nails were hand-made and exhibit the characteristic black stains to the timber, at their edges. Simple wooden catches hold the cupboard doors shut.

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Another view of the room scheme

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