Counter-boarded Front Door, handmade from reclaimed old oak. The three wide vertical boards have simple hand-cut period style mouldings down their leading edges. The two narrow vertical boards have been cut and hand planed to a triangular cross-sectional shape with the thinner edges slotting behind the moulded edges of the wide boards. This very effective method of external door decoration is typical of external doors made in the 17th/18th century. On the interior face are random width (and not parallell) horizontal boards, capped with two outer vertical boards, all lapped together in the traditional manner. The entire assembly is fixed together using around 160 old fashioned nails, with reworked heads and tails; so no two are exactly the same. The external frame cover strips have been scribed to the painted stonework. All the ironwork has been hand forged using pure iron. Pure iron actually pre-dates wrought iron and was predominately used by the Romans. The outside of the door and frame will weather to a natural silver grey colour over a relatively short period.
Price Guide: low end of F (handmade in old reclaimed oak) incl. handmade lock-box and ironwork.
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