This table, made from English oak, measures just 45" in width x 54" in length, when fully open. However, gatelegs can be made very much larger, capable of seating 16 people or more. These larger tables will typically have two gates, instead of just one as shown in this photo. Most gatelegs have oval tops, although occasionally they can have rectangular as well as octagonal tops. Drawers can be incorporated within the main frame as in this example. In much the same way as joined stools, the variations in style of leg turning are infinite; simple columns, repeat ball and reel and fillet turnings, rising, paired and classical balusters, barley-twist etc. Some or all of the stretchers can also be turned to match the legs.

This oak small gateleg table is now featured on our sister site, Early Oak Reproductions, with size, colour, finish and price options (please click on the underlined words to view).

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