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Commissioned by the National Trust for their Tudor kitchen at Sutton House, Hackney, London, this plain and simple oak table measures 72" x 42". Instead of being turned, the legs have hand cut chamfers finished at each end with a 'dart' stop. Shaped brackets are the only other decoration on this functional and robust piece, made to withstand the wear and tear of regular practical demonstations and 'hands on' experiences held in the kitchen at Sutton House. Note the 'all round' or 'box' stretchers, which was the normal layout for original period long tables. Modern tastes now generally favour a centre stretcher, so chairs can be slid under. Our 'Links' page above has a link to the Sutton House website.

Our sister site Early Oak Reproductions has full details on this refectory table with all-round stretchers including size, colour, finish and price options.


AS SEEN ON TV (see below)


BBC2, June 17th 2008, 9pm, "The Supersizers Go Elizabethan". Giles Coren and Sue Perkins spend a week dining on the food and delicacies of Elizabethan Britain. They act as husband and wife living at Sutton House, a beautiful Tudor building in the heart of London (now in the care of the National Trust). In the program, authentic food is prepared in the kitchen, on the above table and eaten in the Great Panelled Hall, with the diners seated on carved oak chairs....... all supplied by Early Oak Specialists.
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