This door would originally have been a fixed panel, hence the carving is pierced right through for ventilation (there is evidence of old linen nailed on the inside of the panel, to keep out insects!!). Our client wanted to be able to easily access this part of the cupboard, so we have made the door look like it has been cut out of the frame (perhaps a century or so ago!!) and made into a door. You will notice that the hinges and bolt are simpler than on the 'original' doors. The hinges also fix to the frame in an entirely different way. You will also see that the bolt has been nailed over the carving, as though it wasn't originally designed to be there. We have even cut the grooves in the framework, which would have accepted the panel, and refilled them with newer oak. Also the back of the panel would have originally been fielded (chamfered) to thin down the edges to slot into the grooves. To make the panel into a usable door we have rebated these chamfers out and fixed in newer pieces of oak to square the edges. Other photos in this section show these 'later' modifications in more detail.
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